International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Expressing my inner Rosie…

My tiny bit of participation…

I chose not to strike today. I absolutely support the movement and salute the women who had the lady balls and fortitude to stand together in this manner, however, I find myself in a situation where taking the day off would really put me behind at work. So I opted to come to the office, wear my red and purple, and kick some ass.

Check out this rad red shirt I picked up from Sassafras in Belltown – it’s ridiculously soft!

From the front
From the back. I really like the way the waistband sits.

By the way, Sassafras is a woman-owned business so you should stop in today for your fashion needs.

The sentiment…

There are so many inspiring things that happen when we band together, as has been illustrated over and over again in this recent political climate. (Oh, how I love living in Seattle.) I specifically love how much more organized and deliberate Women’s Day seems this year. Not sure if this is actually the case or if I just happen to be more aware and active this year…

When I think about the women in 1909 who observed the first Women’s Day in the US, I wonder what they’d think. Would they be impressed and proud by how far we’ve come? Would they wonder why, 108 years later, we haven’t achieved true equality?

And that’s where my frustration kicks in. We shouldn’t need a day to celebrate women and remind everyone to fight for equality – this should just be ingrained in our culture by now. But the truth is we do still need it, and we’ll keep fighting the good fight.

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