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January Cure: Day 2 - Make a Home Project To-Do List

January Cure: Day 2 – Make a Home Project To-Do List

Home Project To-Do List

After yesterday’s slight overachievement – de-cluttering five drawers instead of one – today I am going to ONLY do the list. (Although, there’s a not-so-small part of me that wants to take on a few more drawers tonight!) Ok…so make a home project to-do list. Sweet. I’m a game producer; lists are my life. According to Apartment Therapy, there are just a few guidelines for this list, paraphrased below:

  • Short list per room – only 3-5 items
  • Make sure the list items are actionable and realistic
  • Be nice and do it with love

Main Floor Living Space

In my house, this consists of the kitchen and living room. It’s all one big space. I actually am pretty pleased with this area overall. The pandemic has forced us all to be at home, so this space sees a lot of action. As a result, we have done a lot to make it serve two adults, a toddler, and an elderly cat.

  • Find a better winter shoe situation. (Boot tray? Shoe bench with storage?)
  • Find a winter accessory solution
  • Shop for soap dispensers and tray (we have a leaky dispenser)

Storage Under the Stairs

Our modern town house has TERRIBLE storage. We have no linen closet and no pantry. We do have a strange large cupboard under the stairs that basically deserves it’s very own home project to-do list. It is currently a coat closet, but also home to our holiday décor, a few home supplies, shovels, rakes, gardening tools, ladder…you get the idea. Also, this is where we keep the litter box.

  • Organize holiday décor. Will need a bin for both Christmas and Halloween.
  • PURGE. Go through all the random bins in the back and determine what stays and what goes.
  • Organize the closet so that we can easily access all the stuff in this awkward, awkward closet.
  • Shop for a better litter box that better contains the smell and tracking

Office/Guest Room

This room is an actual shit show. It serves too many purposes, but I’m not sure how to get around it. It’s primarily our shared office. When people come to visit, the desk folds down into a bed. It also has our hobby table which is typically covered in some massive leggo project. The sizable closet is used for so much storage: tons of coats, all family heirlooms, décor and wall art we don’t have space to display, CJ’s kendo equipment, my Poshmark listings, bins of legos…just to name a few…

  • PURGE the closet. And then reorganize what we keep.
  • Do something to make the room aesthetically fun. (Not sure what this is yet)

Evelyn’s Room

Pickle’s bedroom is probably the best-kept room in the house. As she outgrows clothes and toys, they move on to another family. We also continually make small changes in this room to keep up with her changing needs. It’s not a perfect room, but it’s pretty close. (It’s also really, really cute. I’ve been meaning to write a post with lots of photos.)

  • Create a plan for graduating to a big girl bed

Evelyn’s Bathroom

I hate bathrooms.

  • Purge and organize the vanity.

Master Bedroom

I love our bedroom. It is the only room in the house that doesn’t feel like it has too much stuff.

  • Shop for a statement wall clock
  • Hang some family photos
  • Find a new home for the glassybabies on the dresser.
  • Purge jewelry

Master Closet

I love my closet. SO. MUCH. And I am good at getting rid of things that need to go. If it doesn’t fit, I don’t like it, or I haven’t worn it in a while, it GOES! However, this stupid fucking pandemic has made this a LOT harder. Normally, if I haven’t worn something in a year, I will sell or donate it. But I haven’t left the house much at all in TWO years. I don’t want to get rid of my clothes and shoes because I certainly hope I get to go to work in an office again. I dream of being able to dance more! I’d like to go to brunch, GOD DAMNIT!

I want brunch. I have cute brunch clothes.

Nevertheless…I will take a pass at purging, even while I scope out what I plan to scoop up at this week’s Nooworks sale.

  • Purge clothes and shoes. List or donate the rejects
  • Purge hand bags??? (I don’t really have many – maybe 8? – but I also don’t leave the house. I’ve been using the same bag for almost a year…)
  • Better organization for tights and similar.

Master Bath

I still hate bathrooms.

  • Purge and organize the HUGE vanity
  • Reseal the shower grout


  • Freshen up the wall art
  • Clear out the third floor hall.

Home Project To-Do List: Done, Son!

Thanks for hanging with me for Day 2 of the January Cure! Lots of words. Lot’s of internal debate. I’m feeling pretty grateful that most of my projects are stuff-based rather than structural for the home. That’s definitely a perk of modern construction!

Now, the question is, since I have my list, how to I prevent myself from jumping RIGHT IN this very moment?

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