Meg Has No Pants…Policy

A Pants Free Tradition

I’m approaching my fifth summer of no pants policy, and I am so excited.  It is by far my favorite challenge and I’m pretty sure I’ll do this the rest of my life.

And this year, I’d like to ask you to join me!

The parameters are simple.

  • For a solid six months, the first of April through the end of September, try to wear only dresses and skirts.
  • There are, of course, a few exceptions to the rule. Pants or shorts are totally fine if you’re doing an activity that requires them. My pants activities include going to the gym, sailing and painting the house.
  • Try to be strict about your exceptions. You may find dresses are appropriate in more situations than you think!

You’re probably wondering why I subject myself to this (especially in Seattle), and why on earth you should do the same. The answers are simple and numerous. Let me give you my sales pitch!

Benefits of a No Pants Policy

Below are the reasons I enjoy this challenge. Maybe some of them will resonate with you.


First and foremost, dresses are way more comfortable and less confining than pants – a thing I live for in the summer months and a thing I desperately miss in the winter.


Dresses also make getting dressed WAY easier.0

Getting bundled up in the winter means I have to pick pants, a shirt, a sweater to go over the shirt, a complimentary scarf, and then the right boots. Oh, and if I’ve chosen booties, I have to be very specific about socks. Is it super cold? Don’t forget the beanie. Then finally, after I’ve selected a coat that is warm enough and does not do a disservice to the rest of my ensemble, I can leave home.

Sherpa lined military parka (similar)

What a pain in the ass.

Now compare to my summer morning ritual. I put on a dress, slip into a pair of sandals, then grab my sunnies on the way out the door.


And bonus…I get to look 100% more fabulous.

Exercising The Closet

I used to be one of those people who loved dresses, had heaps of them stuffed in my closet, but never wore them. I’d have every intention of wearing them… Oftentimes I’d put one on in the morning, just to take it off a few minutes later feeling like it made me too dressy, or that it made me look like I was trying too hard.

I became very frustrated. I hate having crap in my home that I do not use, but I did not want to get rid of my pretty dresses. What to do?!?!

…oh yeah…

Wear the damn things!  And thus, the no pants policy was born. Now all of my dresses get a ton of use each year.

Additionally, I get to stretch my closet creativity in a different way. Shoes can become more of a statement accessory if you’re in the right kind of dress. You can also do a lot of fun things with jewelry, bandanas, hats. And don’t forget the array of lightweight cardigans that can be easily stuffed into your bag. So many fun options!

So if you’re still not sold on the benefits of a no pants policy, I implore you to answer just one question: What on this planet is more wonderful than a Meg Blue gingham wrap dress with pockets?

Not. A. Damn. Thing.

Case closed.

Riviera Dress from Boden

Ok…What Do I Do?

  1. Just give it a try! You may find that you’re not the kind of person who can wear dresses and skirts seven days a week. Maybe you prefer four days a week – and that’s totally fine! Also, your list of pants-needed activities will probably be very different than mine. Bottom line, you do you.
  2. Share some of your pants-less stories!  Tell me what works for you and what doesn’t. If you run into a bump, feel free to ask questions!  You can do this by leaving comments here on this post or sending them to me via the CONTACT FORM. Additionally, if we’re bros on Facebook, you can contact me that way.
  3. Send pictures! Did you just find the killer combination? Did you just discover a dress that is perfect for you in form and function? I want to know about it!

Periodically throughout the next six months I may post an update with things I’ve heard from you and photos you’ve sent, so please let me know if you do NOT want me to share you’re lovely stories and images.

So…what do you say? Are you in?

7 Replies to “Meg Has No Pants…Policy”

  1. Now I feel challenged to find a dress that’s suitable for working out!

    1. Meg Chaney says:

      I usually work out in pants, but I bet it could be done with skirts and dresses! Try anything from Patagonia or Prana in synthetic materials.

      Hm…now you’ve got me thinking about it, too!

  2. I started late (yesterday) because I had to wear a costume for a show on Saturday. Does it still count if you wear leggings under the dress? It’s cold out there.

    Also, I saw your post on the perfect Seattle boots, have you researched the perfect Seattle spring jacket somewhere? It’s too warm for the parka, but too cold for just a hoodie. I was thinking one of those North Face quilted jackets. Since everyone has them, they must be good.


    1. Meg Chaney says:

      Yay! Thanks for playing the no pants game! I’m so excited you’re doing it, too!

      Leggings, tights, slips, cozy boots…do anything you need to keep from freezing. Spring is so late this year! The only guideline I use for leggings is that if you need to wear a dress or tunic with them, then it totally counts. But if they are the kind of leggings that only need a shirt, then they’re just pants! 😛

      Spring jacket…that is a good question and something I’ve been struggling with, myself! Macy’s has some very light weight puffy jackets on sale right now that I’m eyeing. I’m also considering a denim jacket with shearling. The cheat I’ve been using in the meantime is my lightweight summer jacket (military style) with a cardigan or hoodie underneath.

      Tell me if you find the magical spring jacket and I’ll do the same!

  3. I came here for the Amy Tipton article (LOVE HER!) and stayed to read more! As a woman and a Seattleite who loves her city, you have so many posts I can relate to and this is one of them. Like you, I had a ton of dresses in my closet because I liked the look of them — on other people. I told myself when I bought them I would wear them and look just as chic and awesome but then I got them home and convinced myself as you did — they’re too dressy, I’m trying too hard, etc. So, in May I took the month to wear dresses only (with similar exceptions you mentioned like going to the gym) and I’m hooked! In fact, I’m going to be writing about this journey of mine on my blog very soon. Would you mind if I link over to yours as a show of camaraderie in this journey?

    I love that two Seattle ladies have had similar revelations about dresses. You definitely figured it out sooner than I did and take it further than I have with going the whole summer. I’d love to hear more about how you deal with the wind factor when you step outside in “flouncier” dresses. And is there any style of dress you won’t wear because of Seattle’s unique “late spring”? I’m thinking about a few wrap dresses that caused me grief when I stepped out and the wind caught them and threatened to reveal to the world what I wished to keep private.

    Sorry for the long comment. Just so excited to find you. Amy recommended I look up your blog and I’m glad she did.

    – Sherry

    1. Meg Chaney says:

      Hello!!! Thanks so much for reaching out – it’s so nice to know there’s a kindred spirit out there! And thanks for wanting to link to my blog, I’d be grateful for the exposure. I just took a peek at your blog and I already adore it!

      In regard to dress styles and the wind, I have found a bit of a magic cocktail.

      Because of my body type, I generally need to wear a-line or fit & flare styles…which the wind just LOVES. I flashed all of Lower Queen Anne once – eek! I’ve tried bloomers, bike shorts, boy short undies…and nothing really worked well. So I started thinking about my grandmother’s generation and how THEY would have handled this situation. After berating me for wearing skirts that are too short (“But Grandma, times have changed, I swear.”), she would have asked why I wasn’t wearing my slip. (“But Grandma, I’ve never owned a slip in my life… Oh.”)

      Finding slips was a bit of a challenge. Pretty Parlor is a good place to start, and Macy’s is a good fall back. The trick is to have a few different colors and a few different lengths. An unexpected bonus is that they add a layer of warmth in the chillier months!

      Anyway, that’s my longwinded way of saying that slips are magical.

      I’m really looking forward to reading your post!

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