Nebia Review, A Shower Worth the Wait

Waiting for Nebia

On August 14th, 2015, this happened:

Roughly one year and eight months (…or 87 weeks…or 609 days…or 14,616 hours) later, it finally arrived!  The waiting didn’t actually kill us, but we were truly over the moon when it finally arrived! In case you’re not familiar with Nebia, you should get familiar with it. It’s a luxury shower head that saves 70% of the water you would use with most showers!  (CJ and I are passionaste about water. We’re the type of folks who had a Charity Water campaign in lieu of a wedding registry.)

Anywho, it arrived yesterday, so naturally we had to assemble it immediately.

Assembling Nebia

Nebia boasted a quick and easy assembly. The documentation and assembly video claimed that it’s a 30 minute project – and 20 of those minutes are waiting for an adhesive to dry!

Well, we’ll see about that!

Here’s the whole process in photos. (Pardon the lighting…it’s a bathroom.)

Yep, it was THAT easy!

Goofiness aside, the time estimate was dead on. As is our theme with Nebia, the waiting was the hardest part!

CJ couldn’t contain his excitement, so he hopped in the shower immediately, HoloLens and all!

Nebia Review

While we were really excited about conserving water, we were curious whether the Nebia would be an effective shower.

It totally is!

  • Toasty warm shower with massaging pressure? Check!
  • Adjustable height and angle for maximum comfort and coverage? Check!
  • Washes all of the conditioner out of my hair in a reasonable amount of time? Check!
  • Looks like a shower from outer space? Check! (David Tenant not included.)
  • Makes me feel morally superior for saving so much water? Check!

As a bonus, my inner nerd does a happy dance whenever I use the wand because…

…it’s MAGNETIC! (Get your mind out of the gutter!) Seriously, what’s cooler than magnets? Pretty sure it’s a short list. Also, this is a piece of tech that CJ and I love equally – which almost never happens.

The bottom line: If you like the planet and if you like to shower, you should have a Nebia.

5 Replies to “Nebia Review, A Shower Worth the Wait”

  1. Nice review about installation.
    How many gallons per minute does it use, finally?

    1. Meg Chaney says:

      It uses about .75 gallons per minute. Most showers use over 2 gallons per minute! They have a nifty calculator on their site where you can put in how many showers happen in your house per day and you can see how much money you’ve saved and how many glasses of drinking water you saved.

  2. Thanks for this! Is the water pressure really there? It’s not really a downside for me, I just wasn’t expecting it to be there.

    1. Meg Chaney says:

      Hi! The water pressure is a little different than you might think. There is definitely forceful pressure, but the water drops are much smaller than what I was used to. The first two times I showered with the Nebia felt a little different. But now other showers feel like a deluge that I can’t even enjoy because I’m worried about the wasted water. 😛

  3. kelly petracca says: Reply

    I know there are other water saving shower products out there, what makes this the one to buy as opposed to another, especially with the large price tag…. We’re trying to save water and money?!!

    Thanks, Kelly

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