Taking Cues from Doctor Who

Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched the first half of Under the Lake in Series 9, do not continue reading as I am about to give away one of the most delightful jokes in the episode.

Set Up for the Joke

The Doctor and Clara land on a base where one of the crew team members is strangely murdered and turns into a ghost.  The Doctor, in true Doctor Capaldi fashion stems so hard on HOW ghosts could be a thing that he forgets to be “human” (har) and show compassion to the people who were still really upset about their comrade’s death.

Clara whispers “Cards!” to the Doctor. He pulls flash cards out of his pocket – each card has a canned, kind reaction for different scenarios. The one he chooses is something to the effect of “I’m very sorry for your loss and I will do everything I can to find out what caused the death of your friend slash family member slash pet.”

Brilliant! I turned to CJ and said, “I’m going to make cards for you!”

CJ’s Flash Cards

  • Your new hair color really works with your complexion.
  • I’m sorry you had a bad day. Let me rub your feet while we re-watch your favorite David Tennant Doctor Who episodes.
  • I love cats!
  • I love owls!
  • I just know you’re going to be the best entrepreneur/cookie maven/mother on the planet. (Don’t say “slash”!)

Hmm…short list.

I married a man who deals entirely in honesty so I know he means what he says – and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Although I would not complain if he decided that dramatic changes in hair color is exciting and fun.

(Also, he DOES love the cats – he just doesn’t think I know that…)



No CJs were harmed in the creating of this blog post as this topic was HIS IDEA!

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