The Crazy Cat Lady Bids Los Angeles a Cheesy Adieu

Over the past couple years, most of you have heard me whine incessantly about my desire to move to Seattle.  For a variety of reasons – some legitimate, some merely grounded in fear – I failed to move last year.  But my time of waiting is over. Due to medical need and a very lucky alignment of circumstances, I am moving immediately.

I’m ecstatic about the new life waiting for me in Seattle, but I’m also sad to leave the life I’ve built in LA.  Below are just a few of the people and experiences that made my time in this city amazing.

  • “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the Million Dollar Theater with Michele, Courts, and Ludlow followed by Bratwurst at the Wurst Kuche (or “worst cooch”, as Courts pronounces it). That was, without a doubt, one of my favorite Los Angeles days – I grin whenever I think of it.
  • Michele’s amazing ability to bring people together. Thank you, Michele, for bringing Jessica and Tina into my life. The three of you have taught me so much.
  • Dinner parties at my house.  How I loved cooking with and for my friends! Good food, good wine, great conversation! I will miss this.
  • The good days of MySpace.  I have the deepest respect for the incredibly fantastic people I worked with and count myself very lucky for knowing all of you.
  • MyBalls. Ask Amber for details.
  • Disneyland! Disneyland! Disneyland! I’ll never get tired of trips to Disneyland with friends and family.
  • EHarmonizing.
  • My Percival adventures and the support I received from all of you in my dog education. Jamie, Vickie, John, Jessica, Michele, and everyone else I called in a panic whenever Percy did something I didn’t understand – thank you for everything.
  • Halloween in West Hollywood. Yes, I dressed like a freak. And I liked it.
  • Lindy Groove and Tuesday nights at Joe’s. Brittany, thank you so much for bringing me into your dance world!

There are so many more things I will miss about LA and my LA family. Please keep in touch and look me up if you’re ever in Seattle – because you know you’ll be getting a call from me when I visit LA!

3 Replies to “The Crazy Cat Lady Bids Los Angeles a Cheesy Adieu”

  1. Fug! I’ve been pretty busy lately. Haven’t been able to chub it up! Find a chubs place up there and I’ll come visit.

  2. But congrats. You’ve been wanting to do this for awhile. I knew you would.

  3. Awww, Meg. You will be sorely missed! Please come back and visit and regail us with your stories. The Magic Castle will be waiting for you!

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