Shopping Small, pt 4

Shameful Fail

I knew make up and skincare would be difficult, yet somehow I underestimated HOW difficult it would be. It’s silly, really. I’ve spent essentially 33 years exhaustively searching for products I can use on my ridiculously sensitive skin. How could I possibly forget that pain?!

After 15 days of an unbearably itchy face, I gave in and went to Sephora for my regular moisturizer and concealer.  In the long run, I’m sure I could have found products that did not cause me to itch or breakout, but my life is too busy to start that search over again and I’m unwilling to deal with unpredictable skin reactions.

I actually feel horribly guilty that I can’t hold out in this category, but I am determined to continue with my challenge for all things other than skin care.

Glorious Win

Before I began this challenge, I used to waste at least 20 minutes a day tumbling down the rabbit hole of brilliantly targeted marketing emails from Anthropologie, Lucky Brand, Pier1, CB2, Joss & Main and eBags.

Just a couple days into Shopping Small, I realized that these marketing emails caused more pain than they were worth since none of the product was a possibility. Now I just delete the emails (EVEN THE SALES) without even opening them! I just got 2.5 hours of my week back!

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